Friday, July 18, 2008

A Food Diary Works!

Probably it is not new knowledge that recording a diary of the food intake and exercise activities does help. Now, a new study from Portland, Oregon has verified the positive outcomes of keeping a food diary. The weight loss actually doubled to 18 pounds in 20 weeks, compared to 9 pounds, by using that method. So, here is a nice simple tool that can go a long way, and that needs only a pencil and a sheet of paper. Remember, the best time to enter your food intake into your diary is right on the spot. Once you're done with the meal. For more coverage of this subject, you can go to an article in Informify News and an article in the Washington Post.

Somewhat related, is an old report published in 1992 in the New England Journal of Medicine (Abstract). It showed that, among obese individuals who repeatedly failed to lose weight despite reporting adherance to a 1200 Kcal-per-day diet, the study group underreported their actual food intake by an average of 47%, and overreported their physical activity by an average of 51%.

Stay Healthy!


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